Superfood Saturday: Quinoa

I have been on a full blown quinoa kick lately. How could I not?  Have you tried it? Well, if you haven’t I’m going to convince you to by telling you WHY it’s one of the best superfoods! For starters, … Continue reading

Superfood Saturday: Spinach

If you have heard of Popeye, you probably already know spinach is a superfood. But do you know why? I feel like spinach is one of those foods we have all known about our whole lives, but when it comes … Continue reading

SlimKicker Motivational Challenge Giveaway

One of the most common problems I find individuals have in regards to setting goals are actually pushing through the duration of the time that needs to be pushed through to be successful in it. The thing about goal setting … Continue reading

What Nobody Ever Talks About

I’ve been noticing a really disturbing trend in the media lately.  Not just in magazines though, all over pinterest, twitter, Facebook, tv commercials, whatever you name, I guarantee this trend applies. It’s a topic that I’m actually pretty reluctant to … Continue reading

Superfood Saturday: Coconut Oil

I am sure that pretty much all of us have heard of coconut oil before.  Whether in a beauty sense or nutritional.  The benefits to using coconut oil are quite amazing actually, and when you fully know the power it … Continue reading

How to Make Popped Amaranth: Amaranth Popcorn!

Amaranth is a grain that I have never heard about before until recently. This grain actually have more protein per serving than any other grain.  Why I’ve never heard of it?  I have no idea. What I also didn’t know … Continue reading

Superfood Saturday: Kombucha

Today we’re focusing on something many of you probably have never heard of before.  Or maybe you have heard of it, you just have never tried it before. Today it’s all about kombucha. So what is this?  Basically, it’s fermented … Continue reading

Accomplishment and Setting Goals

When you think of accomplishing something, what comes to your mind first? Promotion at work? Graduating high school? Losing 20 pounds? I’d say 9 times out of 10, the first accomplishment that came to your mind is probably a generic … Continue reading

Superfood Saturday: Tea

Tea has been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid.  I always used to watch my dad drink his daily mug thinking how grown up it was.  I was always so sad when I would … Continue reading