Baked Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

I love sweet potatoes more than anyone else I know.  Hence why I’ve made recipes in the past featuring sweet potatoes.  (Click here for a post workout breakfast recipe). I think it’s definitely arguable that the best way to have … Continue reading

Homemade Speculoos Cookies

Okay I’m going to give a bit of a disclaimer before I even get INTO what this is. This technically is not healthy.  I have made absolutely no substitutions to make it better for you, and I am not about … Continue reading

Healthy Apple Pie Oatmeal

One of the first pies I have ever learned to properly make 100% from scratch was an apple pie, which my gramma taught to me :).  Ever since, this dessert has held a special spot in my heart.  Why not … Continue reading

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

For some reason, I was really wanting to make an oatmeal out of a dessert that was a bit more savory, but still sweet.  I just so happened to be trying to come up with something while I was eating … Continue reading