Healthy Kiwi Shake

I have been so in love with making smoothies lately it is not even funny. Why you may ask? Well mainly because I have come up with the PERFECT recipe to showcase fruit. My problem with most smoothie recipes is … Continue reading

Homemade Speculoos Cookies

Okay I’m going to give a bit of a disclaimer before I even get INTO what this is. This technically is not healthy.  I have made absolutely no substitutions to make it better for you, and I am not about … Continue reading

Tropical Chocolate Maple Breakfast Parfait

Let’s talk a bit about childhood memories. I find many times I can relate one food or ingredient to only one thing. For example: whenever my dad thinks of peanut butter, he remembers one time when his dad told him … Continue reading

Banana Almond Breakfast Quinoa

I found my new favorite breakfast!!!! No I’m serious.  I like this better than my steel cut oats!! Crazy right? And what’s even crazier is the fact that it’s with a grain that I just didn’t like when I tried … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

I’ve kind of run into a realization.  Peanut butter is almost always paired with something.  Whether it’s peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and banana, or even peanut butter and pickles!  (Yes, I have heard of … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Protein Cookie Dough Bites

The other day, I had the most bizarre experience in line at the grocery store.  The lady behind me noticed that I was buying sweet potatoes, and proceeded to ask me what I did with them. How I responded?  I … Continue reading

Healthy Snack: Sprouted Grain Pretzel Puffs??

For those of you that have read some of my past recipes and posts, you probably have read about Ezekiel Bread, which is a sprouted grain.  Did you know that breads aren’t the only things that can be made from … Continue reading

Healthy Pear Overnight Oats

I love pears.  If any of you have read my post on Pear Baked Oatmeal, you are fully aware of this fact.   If you haven’t… check it out because pears are amazing. That is exactly why I pretty much … Continue reading

Black Cherry Overnight Oats

As I type this, I am sitting in my kitchen. Yes, in my kitchen…I have not been able to do this for 6. whole. weeks. After this whole experience, I really appreciate the luxury to be able to wake up … Continue reading

Popeye’s Breakfast (Green Monster Overnight Oats)

Do you ever have weeks where you just feel… beyond stressed?  These past few days for me have been the most stressful days for me in a long LONG time.  I won’t bother getting into details, but I do want … Continue reading