Healthy Starbucks Inspired Caramel Frappuccino Recipe

When I found that I had this in my house I knew I had to make a recipe with it. I mean come on, I couldn’t just listen to the directions and pour it into a glass of water with … Continue reading

All Natural Papaya Ice Cream With Instant Homemade Chocolate Chips

So about a week ago, I bought two papayas.  (They were two for 5… I had to).  I purposely bought one that was already ripe, and one that still needed to ripen for a few days The one that was … Continue reading

Homemade Peanut Butter

So peanut butter can range in price from a couple bucks to close to 20 dollars… if you really want to get all natural good organic super stuff in those glass containers. How practical is it really to go out … Continue reading

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

I know I know I am either extremely ahead on this pumpkin kick or extremely behind. I can’t help it though!  There is just so so so much you can do with pumpkin. Kind of like making it into a … Continue reading

One Ingredient, Healthy Whipped Cream/ Cool Whip

I know I have already posted a whipped cream recipe, but I know a lot of those ingredients people wouldn’t be willing to go to the store to buy. For this reason, I decided I should post another recipe in … Continue reading

Healthy Homemade Pistachio Butter

It’s no secret that pistachios are extremely good for you.  (You can find out why by clicking here). It’s also no secret that when you go to the grocery store, you can buy soooo many different varieties of nut butter. … Continue reading

Cookies and Ice Cream for Breakfast??

Yes you read that title right.  And yes, it’s good for you.  How is this possible though?  Patience… we’ll get there 🙂 First off, I want to talk about the kitchen again. Yesterday was the first day I was able … Continue reading

Healthy White Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast Milkshake

Have you ever been so lazy that even the thought of having to tend to and CHEW a breakfast makes you groan?  Well, today that was me.  (Hey, you’d be the same if you had to wake up at 4am … Continue reading

Acai Breakfast Bowl

As promised in my post, Why Acai, I would post a power breakfast with the star being acai. Now, incorporating acai isn’t just as easy as buying the berries and sprinkling them on.  As I already explained, acai only has … Continue reading