Healthy Caramel Sauce

Oh my god.  This recipe. Seriously. I actually think I like this better than REAL caramel. Again… seriously. It’s so easy too. All you need is 1. 7 pitted dates (soak for a few hours) 2. 2 tbsp cashews (soak … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 31: May Favorites

Today still really hasn’t started yet, but once I leave for work, I’ll be gone the whole day, so I won’t have time to blog later. Therefore, my daily blog is coming out now 🙂 I woke up wayyy to … Continue reading

Banana Hemp Granola Recipe

Today is the last time I post from this book Due to the fact I had to return it to the library 🙂 Overall, I absolutely loved it.  The recipes and the way it was written was really amazing.  If … Continue reading

Raw Superfood Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

This recipe was actually a complete accident. I kind of just threw some ingredients into my vitamix, blended them, and the result? Literally something that tastes EXACTLY like a chocolate brownie. Imagine how stunned my face was. Lucky for me … Continue reading

Homemade, Healthy Caramel Apple Ice Cream

Again, I’m back to the fall flavors.  Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the fall.  Maybe it’s just because they’re just so darn good! Two flavors that I feel really haven’t experimented with enough are caramel, and apples. … Continue reading

Coconut Cream Pie Larabars

If you have seen my coconut cream pie breakfast recipe, then you KNOW coconut cream pie is one of my favorite desserts. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out there is a coconut cream pie larabar. Of … Continue reading

Homemade Larabars Recipe: Cashew Cookie

To keep up the theme of homemade larabars, I decided it was time to test out a flavor I personally thought sounded pretty darn delicious. Cashew cookie. Okay, anything with the word cookie in it sounds delicious.  Cashews are good … Continue reading

Homemade Larabars: Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavored

If you read my post on how to make peanut butter cookie larabars, then you’re already 90% done with making peanut butter and jelly flavored ones! All you are going to need is 1. 1 cup peanuts 2. 1 cup … Continue reading

Homemade Larabars: Peanut Butter Cookie Flavored

I have been hearing so many people rave about how amazing larabars are and how they’re one of the best nutrition bars you can buy. Mainly because of the fact that each flavors contains no more than 9 ingredients.  That’s … Continue reading

Superfood Preworkout Energy Bites

Yayyyy it finally came in!!!! My official blogilates sweater 😀 I have seriously been waiting for her to come out with something in this color in this style for suchhhh a long time.  Literally the day she put it up … Continue reading