Homemade Blueberry Crisp

You might know that my mom and I recently went blueberry picking.  With 15 pounds of blueberries, we knew baking was in store. Why not keep it nice and simple and make a blueberry crisp? This recipe is modified from … Continue reading

Grocery Shopping Without Grocery Shopping?

One thing I have been noticing nowadays is everything is becoming online based. Whether it be shopping, filling out job applications, talking to friends, and now even grocery shopping. I hate more than anything having to go to the grocery … Continue reading

Healthy Kiwi Shake

I have been so in love with making smoothies lately it is not even funny. Why you may ask? Well mainly because I have come up with the PERFECT recipe to showcase fruit. My problem with most smoothie recipes is … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 14: Nutrition Walls and Kombucha

My best days always start the same way… going out for coffee with my dad 🙂 I woke up just feeling really out of it, and just being able to talk to him helped me get my head together. The … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 7: Bikes, Christmas Music, and Pomegranate Jam

Even though I didn’t get much sleep 2 nights ago, I didn’t feel tired at all yesterday.  I guess my body must have been tired though because I was sound asleep right after 7pm and woke up at 6am.  11 … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 3: Sleeping in, Blogilates, and Crazy Produce

So far today has been an extremely relaxing day.  I finally got to sleep in a bit (until 5:30).  Yes, I know for most people this is when they wake up to wake up early, but I’m so used to … Continue reading