Daily Blog- Day 70: What I’m Loving

Seriously… they don’t cooperate I can explain how I feel today in one word: tired.  I came home really wound up yesterday, and because of that I was pretty much halfway awake halfway asleep all last night.  So much for … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 40: Junior Mint Ice Cream

Today started out super early for me. I woke up around 4, got ready for work, and went to work until 3. Due to the fact it is super super nice outside, it was pretty dead. I mean come on … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 32: Letters and Cookie Dough

Today has been extremely uneventful… yet extremely eventful… if that makes any sense. Okay let me know if anyone else is like this.  I feel like I have my work day, and then my actual day.  When I work all … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 22: Top 10 Recipes

Today is not at all an exciting day for me by any means of the word. After very little sleep, I woke up at 3:30 feeling really wired.  This was half an hour earlier than I intended to wake up, … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 21: Discovering Strength and Old Dance Songs

Today is quite the odd day for me.  I slept really really well, but I woke up feeling under the weather… yet really really energetic.  Like so energetic I was pretty much bouncing off the walls at 5 am… while … Continue reading

Healthy Kiwi Shake

I have been so in love with making smoothies lately it is not even funny. Why you may ask? Well mainly because I have come up with the PERFECT recipe to showcase fruit. My problem with most smoothie recipes is … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 6: Errands, Anderson’s, and Childhood Memories

Today is another day off for me.  Luckily I had quite a few errands I wanted to get out of the way. Some of these included going to my bank, delta sonic, Plato’s, and finally my local police station… it’s … Continue reading