Daily Blog- Day 137: Panera Bread Inspired Oatmeal Recipe

I started going to Panera for breakfast religiously last year with my dad.  We used to go at least once every single week and get breakfast together.  We still often get coffee, but not so much breakfast anymore. I used … Continue reading

Healthy Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe

If you have ever been torn between having pizza or a chicken fajita, I have the perfect solution… a chicken fajita pizza! (that’s healthy 🙂 ) and easy to make double win okay so you are going to need 1. … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 22: Top 10 Recipes

Today is not at all an exciting day for me by any means of the word. After very little sleep, I woke up at 3:30 feeling really wired.  This was half an hour earlier than I intended to wake up, … Continue reading

Healthy Chicken Fajita

We’ve all been to those mexican restaurants before whether Chipotle, or Moe’s or one of those random… well kind of sketchy places that more than often result in someone feeling sick. All of these places have developed a reputation as … Continue reading

Homemade, Healthy Caramel Apple Ice Cream

Again, I’m back to the fall flavors.  Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the fall.  Maybe it’s just because they’re just so darn good! Two flavors that I feel really haven’t experimented with enough are caramel, and apples. … Continue reading

St. Patricks Day Healthy Breakfast: Popped Amaranth Cereal mixed with a Green Monster Inspired Cereal Cream

Happy St. Patricks Day my irish folks… and non-irish folks alike! 🙂 I myself am quite irish.  Actually my whole mom’s side of the family is very very irish.  My Uncle owns an irish pub, and my gramma pretty much … Continue reading

Coconut Cream Pie Inspired Breakfast

For those who have known me for a long time know I make probably the best coconut cream pie in the world.  Yes, that’s very cocky of me to say, but hey it’s that good. 🙂  So for me to … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Cream Pie Inspired Breakfast

In my opinion, all cream pies have very specific necessary components. In the case of banana cream pie, those components are the chilled banana flavored pudding, the texture of the crust, the whipped topping, and cold banana coins.  That is … Continue reading

Healthy Cranberry Pistachio French Toast

Sunday morning rain is falling.. okay not really, but who knows who sings those lyrics? 🙂 It is Sunday though, and since I don’t have work and it’s my rest day, I figured I should make something really comforting. After … Continue reading