Healthy Almond Joy Cups

Okay, I cannot wait any longer to share this recipe with you guys!!! It is honestly one of the best… okay if not THE best healthy treats I have ever ever made and HAD before. Originally, I thought it was … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 70: What I’m Loving

Seriously… they don’t cooperate I can explain how I feel today in one word: tired.  I came home really wound up yesterday, and because of that I was pretty much halfway awake halfway asleep all last night.  So much for … Continue reading

Creamy, Dreamy Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Seed Breakfast

And the chias are back!! I feel like I haven’t done a chia seed breakfast in quite some time As you may know, I have been craving dark chocolate and coconut lately, so I decided to base this recipe off … Continue reading