Strawberry Banana Pancakes

This recipe I have been wanting to try for a really long time.  It is adapted from the recipe on PBFingers. Unfortunately, every time I wanted to make it, I didn’t have this yogurt on hand. Until now 🙂 This … Continue reading

Healthy, High Protein Apple Pancakes

I have been making a lot of pancakes lately. Generally, when I make them, I just use my 2 ingredient pancake recipe. Unfortunately, we are all out of bananas. What we do have is a lot of apples. Immediately, I … Continue reading

Low Calorie Strawberry Shortcake Protein Pancakes

The kitchen is finally almost done!!!!  They’re just going to be coming in today to do some last minute touch ups, and then we’ll be domestic again 🙂 The stove was installed yesterday though, so what does that mean? PANCAKES!!!!! … Continue reading

Healthy Cookie Latte Breakfast Parfait

I’m going to start on a completely different topic… my microwave skills.  Random I know. As anyone who has read probably any of my other posts, you would know that for the past 7ish weeks I have not had access … Continue reading