Chocolate Covered Golden Berry Energy Bites

If you read my post about golden berries, then you know that I have been experimenting with recipes featuring them. They are an amazing superfood, and if you are interested to where you can find them, check out my favorites … Continue reading

Raw Superfood Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

This recipe was actually a complete accident. I kind of just threw some ingredients into my vitamix, blended them, and the result? Literally something that tastes EXACTLY like a chocolate brownie. Imagine how stunned my face was. Lucky for me … Continue reading

Homemade Larabars Recipe: Cashew Cookie

To keep up the theme of homemade larabars, I decided it was time to test out a flavor I personally thought sounded pretty darn delicious. Cashew cookie. Okay, anything with the word cookie in it sounds delicious.  Cashews are good … Continue reading

Superfood Saturday: Kombucha

Today we’re focusing on something many of you probably have never heard of before.  Or maybe you have heard of it, you just have never tried it before. Today it’s all about kombucha. So what is this?  Basically, it’s fermented … Continue reading