Superfood Kale Granola

I have a really cool recipe for you guys today 🙂 Okay, so since I had the day off today, it was an experimenting day for me. I knew I wanted to make granola.  Problem is, we didn’t have enough … Continue reading

Healthy Starbucks Inspired Caramel Frappuccino Recipe

When I found that I had this in my house I knew I had to make a recipe with it. I mean come on, I couldn’t just listen to the directions and pour it into a glass of water with … Continue reading

Healthy Caramel Sauce

Oh my god.  This recipe. Seriously. I actually think I like this better than REAL caramel. Again… seriously. It’s so easy too. All you need is 1. 7 pitted dates (soak for a few hours) 2. 2 tbsp cashews (soak … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Golden Berry Energy Bites

If you read my post about golden berries, then you know that I have been experimenting with recipes featuring them. They are an amazing superfood, and if you are interested to where you can find them, check out my favorites … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 28: Veggie Chips and Cake Batter Ice Cream

Today was a much needed day for me. After a really stressful day yesterday, it was nice to just get stuff done and relax for a bit. I started the day off with my first barbell workout… okay I used … Continue reading

High Protein, Healthy Cool Whip

Okay, so for those you who follow my blog, you probably know that I’ve been perfecting a lot of vitamix recipes. This recipe actually came to be by accident.  I was trying to perfect my frosty recipe, but the result … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 23: Hard Work Pays Off

Today has been what I would call a really good day in disguise.  Nothing really big is happening… plus it’s really gloomy out yet some pretty amazing things have happened. Amazing things that are either the result of really hard … Continue reading

“Halfway Through The Sundae” Shake

So you know that point when you’re having an ice cream sundae where the caramel, whipped cream, and slightly melted ice cream all kind of blend together. Is it just me, or is this one of the best parts of … Continue reading

Healthy Kiwi Shake

I have been so in love with making smoothies lately it is not even funny. Why you may ask? Well mainly because I have come up with the PERFECT recipe to showcase fruit. My problem with most smoothie recipes is … Continue reading