Daily Blog- Day 138: Under the Weather

I’m definitely feeling under the weather today.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s been getting colder lately or what, but I’m just about ready to crawl into bed… after dinner of course 🙂 Today’s been a pretty normal day … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 119: Always Learning

Today has been a work filled day.  Even though it was at Panera as always, it was a completely different day for me. One of the things I love most about Panera is there is always something new to learn. … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 111: Birthday Recap

Even though my birthday was yesterday, nothing really happened until AFTER I had already blogged for the day.  Therefore, I’m going to share the events with you guys now. Oh and quickly, check out the recipe I just posted for … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 109: Taste of Home and My Almost Birthday!

Tomorrow’s my birthday!!! 😀  Even though I’m not doing anything, I still love being able to say that :).  I don’t think it’ll ever get old. Today has been filled with work.  Nothing out of the ordinary. I did get … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 60: Back to Work

Today is my first day back to work since my vacation.

I had off for five days, and that’s the longest I’ve gone without working since October.

It was definitely a weird transition.

In one way, it seemed like I hadn’t taken a day off at all, but at the same time it seemed like I hadn’t been there in forever.

I also definitely wasn’t used to being on my feet all day… especially after pretty much driving 247 and flying :).

All in all though, it was nice to be back and nice to get back into a routine.  I definitely have to get used to being this busy because very soon I’m going to be 100x busier!

That’s it for now.  I’m going to have dinner now and go to bed.  I’m beyond beat.

Have any of you felt the same way after going on a vacation?

Daily Blog- Day 44: Caffeine Void and Outback

This morning, the ultimate disaster happened at my house. We ran out of coffee grounds. All we had were those coffee packets that act just like tea. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been sticking to just my … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 37: What’s coming soon :)

Today is such a gloomy day. Surprisingly, bad weather brings a busy day at work. So much so that throughout my six hour shift, I took over 8,500 steps.  Crazy right?  For those of you who have active jobs, you … Continue reading

Daily Blog- Day 32: Letters and Cookie Dough

Today has been extremely uneventful… yet extremely eventful… if that makes any sense. Okay let me know if anyone else is like this.  I feel like I have my work day, and then my actual day.  When I work all … Continue reading